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Upper Dolpo and Rara Lake trek - 30 days

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30 days
Max. Elevation
Group size
Minimum 2 Maximum 16
airport pick up and drop&nbsp;<br>all domestic transport by air and land.
Best Season
March to June and August to October
3*** based Hotel in Kathmandu<br>tea house Lodge during the trekking.<br><br>
Three times of meals during the trekking part<br>tea. coffee one bowl of soup with dinner and seasonable fresh fruits.
Starts at
Ends at
Trip Route
Kantmandu, Nepal Ganj, Juphal, Shey phoksundu. to rara lake


    Rara lake and Dolpa historical place
Rara and Shey Phoksundo is the two biggest lakes in Nepal at high altitudes, and this is the trek that takes you to explore these two water bodies that contributes a great deal to Nepal’s natural ecosystem and Nepali tourism sector along with the great Himalayan Mountains. Trekking to one of the most faraway land of the mid-western side of the Nepal's least developed district, Dolpo, is a gateway to witness the glimpse of the Tibetan Culture while being in Nepal. It was in 1989 that opened the route for trekking. One must be ready to face the hurdles as you can least expect the effect of tourism in the area. It is the only place where people still practice pre-Buddhist Bon po, a religion that people practiced in and around the Tibet before the Buddhism flourished. The trek consists of relatively high passes, amazing view of Crystal Mountain to dropping to a verdant of thick alpine forest at Rara National Park with a visit to a mesmerizing Rara lake in Mugu district. There are parts of the trekking route where you might face the hurdles and adversity but the entire trail is blessed with amazing views of the mountains, beautiful landscapes in its unique way, from the barren rocky trails to the lush greenish alpine wildwood. This is one trek that should not be missed if solitary, immerse in nature, engulf in serenity is the things your soul craves for.

Important Note

Altitude, distance, and trekking times are all approximate.
Daily trekking times will normally be between 5 and 7 hours unless stated
Departure dates and itinerary arrangements can be custom-tailored to your needs, so please contact us with your inquiries regarding your tour departure date.
You will have the choice to travel by an early bus, flight, or 4x4 Private
If you are interested to stay in Pokhara to go paragliding, boating or cycling let us know.
 Also, if you would like to see Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha, go rafting or visit Chitwan National Park.
We can extend your trek accordingly.
Please, tell us your desires and we will do our best to arrange it for you. 
If you trek independently, you are not allowed to hire any staff by law. Use always an authorized Trekking Company to have this service and your safety.
Trekking company has been authorized to hire human as porter or guide for foreign trekkers
Do not hire any staff without knowing them well,
Do not hire any staff "independently from the hotel, street or airport
If you hire a guide check his trekking guide license.
Make sure your staff has proper insurance. If in case any accident happens you will be in trouble or responsible for his/ her family
After your trek you can donate your clothes, medicine, or trekking equipment to our social project we will distribute to those who need it.

Trip Itinerary

Kathmandu to Nepal Gunj 

Flight time: 55 min’s

Our journey begins today from Kathmandu to the western city of Nepal Gunj from a flight and transfer to hotel.

Nepal Gunj to Juphal and then start to trek Dunai (2140m)

Flight time: 45 min’s

Trekking Time: 4hrs

As the second day begins, we will board the flight to Juphal from where we will start our trek. We can catch a glimpse of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri to the north. On reaching Juphal, we will meet our trekking team with all the food supplies and gears to carry out our 24 days of adventure. Now, we walk an hour downhill path through the terraced fields along the river Bheri. This 4 hour trek will take us to the Dunai village. Dunai is a large emerging village with an administrative headquarter being in it of the Dolpo region, we can also visit the monasteries. Night stay at tented camps.

Dunai to kageni (2421m)

Trekking Time: 6 to 7 hrs 

Today we start with a gradual uphill hike, along the banks of Thuli bheri river to Sulighat where we will continue walking to kageni. Overnight at tented camp.

Kageni to Chhepka (2720m)

Trekking Time: 5 to 6 hrs

We make an early start and pacing slowly along the river of Sulighat, we will keep walking uphill till Shyangta where we stop for lunch. After this we will find ourselves at the confluence of Ankhe khola and Phoksundo Khola and crossing on suspension bridge, we will keep sloping upward through the jungles for about 2 hours which will take us straight to Chhekpa.

Chhepka to Amchi Tibetan camp (3110m)

Trekking Time: 7 to 8 hrs

After a healthy breakfast, we set off on our journey again on a parallel line with the Phoksundo Khola (river) where we will break the line twice. After walking for about an hour we will depart from the river making our way to the right side of it and after walking for a couple of hours we will find ourselves walking along the same river till we reach Rechi. Now trekking on a similar path for sometimes more, crossing the river on a suspension bridge, through the jungles we will arrive at Amchi Tibetan Camp.

Amchi Tibetan camp to Shey Phoksundo (3640m)  

Trekking Time: 4 hrs

Even today we follow the same river trail to Rike, we get across and make our way upwards to Polom where we will find a large and beautiful waterfall and we will continue walking all the way to shey Phoksundo.

Rest day at Phoksundo

Today after the breakfast as every day, we go around the place. Explore the village, Hindu temples, and Buddhist monasteries and a very famous Phuksundo Lake with its greenish blue water. If happens to be there between November and December, we may get to experience a Hindu religious Mela (fair). 

Shey Phoksundo to Sallaghri (3700m)

Trekking Time: 7 to 8 hrs

Early start is advised today. We trek beside the Phoksundo on a winding hill trail, through thin juniper forest, uphill and vice versa at several places to Sallaghari.

Sallaghari to Kangla phedi (4700m)

Trekking time: 8 hrs

Today it can be bit difficult because we are getting up higher of about 1000m and as a result we may be vulnerable to high altitude sickness. So we have to be very careful about it and walking slow is mandatory and time consuming simultaneously. As of the trail, it is a barren uphill gradual climb and a sandy, rocky track full pebbles and mud is waiting on a near approach to Kangla Phedi.

Kangla phedi to Shye Gumba via Kangla pass (5360m)

Trekking time: 8 to 9hrs

The climb especially on to the rocky hill is going to demand great exertion. After around 3 hours of trek we reach the top of the Kang La but the views from the top are splendid and worth all the effort. Climbing down to the valley floor, for about 40 minutes, we march rambling along the banks of the river, crossing it once or more. A red chorten signals your disembarkation to the Shey Gompa where a quaint wooden log bridge leads up to the Shey compound. Night stay at tented camps.

Shey Gumba rest and acclimatization

A perfect day for a short trip around Shey Gompa, this is also called the Crystal Mountain. The monks of this monastery dwell at a red hermitage known as Tsakang Gompa which is north of Shey. It is rather a retreat than a monastery. Shey Gompa belongs to the Chaiba community, followers of the Padmasambhava and Kagyu sects.  

Shey Gumpa to YaK Kharka (4000m)

Trekking time: 6 to 7 hrs

We will climb going through the side of Den Khola up to a place called Taro at 4800m. And now slowly making a downhill trek through forest path on a narrow way to Yak Kharka.

Yak Kharka to Bhijer (3850m)

Trekking time: 5 to 6 hrs

We will again climb uphill before Shyamling Gumpa (held a religious fair in between November to December at Shyamling Gumpa) a after which we will be walking up and downhill at places before arriving at Bhijer. Here you can visit a bon po gumpa which is an ancient religion before Buddhism and Sumdo French School.

Bhijer to Pho Khola (4070m)

Trekking time: 7 to 8 hrs

An early uphill climbs to Yamburla at an elevation of 4813m and then we will make a slow descend to Pho Khola. We will come across a river of sands and rocks which is an aftermath of monsoon flood before reaching Pho khola.

Pho khola to Pho gau (4087m)

Trekking time: 4 to 5 hrs

After a short period of beginning we will cross a river on suspension bridge and a steep uphill climb greet us to encounter through thin and bushy forest till Pho gang. 

Rest day at Pho gau 

Go around and explore the village or hike up to the nearest hill for acclimatization.

Pho gau via Nyingma Gyaljan la pass (5563m) to High camp (5400m)

Trekking time: 9 to 10 hrs 

We start as early as possible for a toughest walk of our journey. We will start with a few passes before finally making steep climb on relatively narrow route till Nyingma Gyaljan la pass at 5563m followed by a descent down to High camp. One always ought to bear in mind the risk of high altitude sickness and a treacherous trail while walking down.

High camp to Pung kHarka (4650m)

Trekking time: 6 to 7 hrs

We begin walking a slight down way carefully because of its narrow and zigzag positioned type to Swakpa River that we will follow till Pung Kharka.

Pung Kharka to Chyangdi Khola (4830m) via Yalala Pass

Trekking time: 8 to 9 hrs

We will start walking up towards high camp site after which we will encounter a big pass called Yala la. Now we start a steep climb on a small congested route to 5414 meters of elevation after which we will walk down to Chyangdi Khola.

Chyangdi Khola to Takla Khola (3785m)

Trekking time: 5 to 6 hrs

A walk down towards a river and crossing it to start a climb of another pass at 4450 m of height is what we undertake today. We then trek up and down path, sparse forest in some parts to Takla Khola.

Takla Khola to Thaju Chaur (4050m) via Chyargola Pass (5150m) 

Trekking time: 8 hrs

This is yet another toughest walk we are to endure. We start again following mountain spring called Chimi Maru on a narrow and difficult trail to the top at 5150 m. Slow and careful walk is always advised as we climb down to reach at Thaju Chaur.

Thaju Chaur to Silen Chaur (2945m)

Trekking time: 6 hrs

Today we will trek down to the river and then start walking on and off a small hills several times before reaching a Mugu river and thus entering another district of Nepal called Mugu and finally arriving at Silen chaur.

Silen Chaur to Tiyar (2418m)

Trekking time: 6 hrs

Now the landscape changes from rocky terrain to a verdant of pine trees, thus an abundant in oxygen supply. We will keep following the Mugu River and crossing it over 3 times, we walk a winding route wrapping the hill through a lush green jungle before arriving at Tiyar.

Tiyar to Chaila (2010m)

Trekking time: 7 hrs

As every day we will do up and down hill trek through a green beautiful jungle while following the same river as previous day till Mangri after which we will trek on a highway that is under construction all the way down to Chaila.

Chaila to Gamgadi (2095m)

Trekking time: 4 to 5 hrs 

We will keep up with the same under construction highway all the way to Gamgadi. We will find some small settlements at places like Lusa, Lumsa as we walk along agriculture fields’ of wheat, buck wheat, potatoes etc. 

Gamgadi to Rara (3010m)

Trekking time: 4 hrs

We will walk the vehicular road till Karki bada after which we will shift and start trekking uphill on typical trekking trail. Although having to walk up to a height difference of 1000 meters, it is not going to be a very difficult walk and at the end we only have to be amazed by the beauty of the Rara lake as the day ends.

Rest and explore Rara Lake

A beautiful day is ahead of us. We go around the pine forest surrounding the lake admiring the beauty of Nepal’s largest and deepest lake. We will treat this day as the most deserving reward of this month long trekking journey.

Rara to Talcha (2400m)

Trekking time: 4 to 5 hrs

Today is the final day of our trek. We keep marching beside the pleasing lake before it disappears and then sloppy pathway is what we encounter and have to make an ascent to Kala Patal. Now we move down to Talcha and end our trekking activity.

Talcha to Nepal Gunj (

Flight time: 35 min’s

We will board a plane and fly over to Nepal Gunj, which is known as the hottest place in Nepal. If in case, we may miss our flight due to weather condition then we have a choice to hire a vehicle and drive to Jumla, another airport.

Nepal Gunj to Kathmandu

A flight that takes us to back to Kathmandu and we will see us depart until our next trip with new place to visit.

Not satisfied with this itinerary? Make your own.


    restricted entry permit for lower and upper dolpo.
    National park entry permit 
    TIMS Card
    English speaking trekking guide
    Porter for carry your luggage
    Breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea coffee during the trekking part
    Accommodations during the trekking part
    Flight ticket and Transport by land
    Insurance for staff
    Airports pick up and drop 

Doesn't Include

    Personal equipment for trekking gear
    Personal insurance for travel to Nepal
    Emergency rescue evacuation
    Personal expenses
    Gratuities (tips)
    Bar bills, mineral water on trek.
    Hot shower.
    battery charges.


    Welcome dinner and far well dinner
    Ayurvedic massage 1 hr. 

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